About Promax

  • Extensive Experience—80+ years of residential leasing, rental property, and property management.
  • Deep Understanding of the Community—25% of clients are USG employees, including Department of State, USAID, and DOD.
  • Limited Portfolio—A portfolio capped at 500 rental properties, focused on excellent service rather than volume.
  • Geographic Areas—Serving Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia.
  • Our Staff—Full-time staff includes licensed real estate agents and brokers in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia, property managers, and support staff.
  • In-House Services—PROMAX staff perform accounting, advertising, listing, lease negotiations, and annual inspections.
  • Personal Team—A cross-trained team manages every aspect of property management, ensuring team members can directly respond to concerns or connect an owner to the appropriate staffer.
  • Referral-Based—Many new clients are referred by existing clients.
  • Monthly Payables—Rent proceeds are disbursed monthly via direct ACH payment.
  • Active Participation—Owners are involved in property management and leasing, with approval for new leases, renewals, modifications, terminations, and any expense exceeding authorized limits in the property management agreement.
  • Tenant Vetting—Performed in-house by a professional property manager.
  • Rent Receivables—Tenants can use Rent-Track to ensure timely payment, and to build a positive credit history.

How We Work

  • Mutual Trust—Property owners have trust and confidence in our ability to lease and manage property. That’s the reason they selected PROMAX to care for their most important investment.
  • Owner Participation—Most leasing and management issues are handled by PROMAX on behalf of owners, as set forth in the property management agreement. We encourage owner involvement, however, informing on issues we believe are prudent for owners to be aware of and seeking owner guidance on substantive issues. We get owner approval for all leases, lease renewals, extensions, legal action, as well as expenses that may exceed the agreed upon limit per the property management agreement.
  • Routine Communication—We ask you to keep us informed of your concerns. We encourage the use of emails; a reasonable number please. Phone calls are welcomed.
  • Extensive Experience—Our professional, long-term property managers and support staff provide owners with 80+ years of property management experience. Ron Riddell, President of Promax is an award winning licensed real estate broker in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia with 33+ years of experience in residential property management and sales. Don’t rely on inexperienced personnel, former coworkers, friends, family, or neighbors, to care for your most valued asset.
  • Managed Risk—Most things in life come with risk and property management has its share. At times your tenant may be in default or breach of the lease. Catastrophic events such as fires, floods, majors storm damage may occur. We have experienced it all. In addition to our day to day responsibilities we have the expertise to handle most any situation from legal action, court protocol, coordinating with insurance claims adjusters, working with local authorities, hazmat teams, and emergencies.
  • Meeting Your Expectations—Our duty and responsibility is to serve you and comply with the terms as set forth in the agreement. We are here to protect your interest as well as enforce the terms of lease agreement. To better serve you we need clear, precise and pleasant communication. Keep us informed of concerns and questions, and please, no direct contact with the tenant. Understand the terms of the agreement, your responsibilities, and what you have authorized us to perform on your behalf.