1May I see the tenant’s applicants and credit report?
In compliance with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and best practices PROMAX will not provide you with a copy of or contents of an applicant’s credit report and application to rent.

PROMAX uses three objective criteria to qualify all tenants:
  • Satisfactory credit
  • Satisfactory landlord reference
  • Satisfactory income
2How many staff members are employed with PROMAX?
PROMAX has 14 full-time property managers with support staff, many of whom have been with us for 15 or more years.
3What areas do PROMAX service? Do you have limits on your service area?
PROMAX services the Northern Virginia metro area.
4How is my home marketed?
PROMAX utilizes multiple ways of advertising to get your home rented. The first is through our local realtor multiple listing service (MLS) known as MRIS. Their primary websites for the public to view are www.mrishomes.com, www.homesdatabase.com and www.realtor.com. Although we directly input all the information into the MLS we have no control over the information that they use or in the way it is displayed on the websites. With our subscription to MRIS our listings may be published to multiple other websites including but not limited to: Depending on location we can also advertise on Military By Owner.

About Your Property

1How does PROMAX handle delinquent tenants?
We will notify you by the 10th day of the month if the rent has not been received by then. We will provide your tenant with a Default notice (5-Day Notice to Quit or Pay). If your tenant does not respond to the Notice, with your permission, we will seek legal action.
2May I set reasonable restrictions on the number of occupants living in my home?
Yes you may set reasonable restrictions on the number of occupants. In most cases we recommend a maximum of no more that 2 incomes to qualify and no more than 2 unrelated adults.
3Do I have to allow smoking in the property? How about pets?
You do not have to allow smoking in the property. All of our homes are marketed as such. You do not have to allow pets however we recommend that you consider pets on a case by case basis.
4Am I exempt from Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act (VRLTA)?
This depends on the number of residential rental properties that you own. If you own more than two residential rental properties you may be subject to the act.
5What type of insurance coverage should I carry and how much?
You will need "Landlord Coverage". We recommend a minimum of $500K for general liability, at least $5K for per occurrence medical, and a minimum of $5K for tangible property coverage.
6How much security deposit should be held? Do I have to pay interest on the security deposit?
We recommend a security deposit equivalent to one month's rent.
7Who does PROMAX hire to perform maintenance on my property?
PROMAX uses only licensed and insured independent contractors. PROMAX does not receive any referral fee, fee services, or compensation from any contractor. You may also use your own contractor.
8Do I have to allow Service/Emotional support animals?
More Questions? Email us: info@promaxrealtors.com We have the answers!