How We Work

  • Mutual Trust—Property owners must have trust and confidence in our ability to lease and manage their property.
  • Owner Participation—Promax welcomes owner participation in any aspect of the management process.
  • Routine Communication—We ask you to keep us informed of your concerns. We encourage the use of emails; phone calls are always welcome.
  • Managed Risk—Most things in life come with risk and property management has its share. At times, your tenant may be in default or breach of the lease. Catastrophic events such as fires, floods, or significant storm damage may occur. We have experienced it all. In addition to our day to day responsibilities we have the education and expertise to handle most any situation. This includes legal action, court protocol, coordinating with insurance claims adjusters, working with local authorities, hazmat teams, and emergencies.
  • Meeting Your Expectations—Our duty and responsibility is to serve you and comply with the terms as set forth in the agreement. We are here to protect your interest, as well as enforce the terms of the lease agreement. Understand the terms of the agreement, your responsibilities, and what you have authorized us to perform on your behalf.
  • Extensive Experience—Our professional property managers and support staff provide owners with over a century of combined years of property management experience.